Different Types of Jackpots

With a huge number of gambling games and even more casinos that offer them, there are as many types of jackpots as there are rules in Craps. However, most jackpots hold certain qualities in common. Here are just a few of the many types of jackpots available in land-based or online casinos.

Slots Jackpots

The most common type of jackpot is the slots jackpot. Slots games allow players to match up symbols across multiple reels that are spun at different speeds. When the symbols match up across all of the reels, players can win the big jackpot. That can be a set amount as it is in many online casinos, or it can be the total contents of a physical slots machine in land-based casinos. Either way, the slots jackpot is one of the most elusive and most sought after winnings in traditional gambling games.

Progressive Jackpots

Another form of jackpot is known as the progressive jackpot. This winning can be attached to almost any gambling game and is usually funded and bought into by side bets on rare circumstances that occur in a more traditional game. For instance, a progressive jackpot in Blackjack can be triggered when all four aces are dealt in one hand. If that happens, the player who has those cards dealt receives a huge pot that was built up over many players and over many days. These jackpots are even rarer than slots jackpots, but their potential winnings are that much bigger as well.

Jackpots are the ultimate goal for many players of gambling games. With multiple chances to win huge amounts of money in just a short period of time, these rewards keep players coming back for more over many games and across the many casinos in the world.

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